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Operating from Pretoria we are centrally positioned to service the Gauteng area.
Where as we focus on Midrand, Sandton, Randburg, Boksburg and Edenvale areas, we also service
Pretoria and tackle larger projects further afield.gas


• Installation of gas hobs, gas stoves, gas geysers, gas instant hot water, gas heaters, gas braais, gas fireplaces.
• All installations are done to SANS 10087-7Standards.

Service and Repairs
• Service and repairs to most gas appliances.

• Issuing of certificates of compliance.
• Inspecting installations and upgrading to comply with legal requirements.

• Consultation on placement of cylinders, size and quantity.
• Consultation on laying of gas piping during building.



Why do we have to have a registered installer?           
• It is part of the national health and safety act and therefore a legal requirement.
• They are the only person who can issue a certificate of compliance.
• For your own safety, would you get a plumber to do you electrical work?

Why do we need a certificate of compliance?
• For you insurance, in case of a fire and the cause is a unregistered installation you insurance would be void.
• Needed when selling you house.

What are the costs?      
For a normal installation, stove to regulator with change over valve (to take two cylinders) 5 meters of pipe, valves, all fittings, setting flame & issuing a certificate of compliance,
approx R2 450 - R3 450. (gas and cylinders not included).

Where can we put the cylinders, some simple rules:
• 1 meter from the door, 1 meter from a window.
• 2 meters from an open drain, 5 meters from and electrical source.
• This is a guideline only, a registered installer will help you with cylinder placements.
Gas cylinder cages are used as a necessity in order to place your gas cylinders in a LPGSA SA compliant location.

Gas Cage Estimate Pricing:
Single 9 Kg Gas Cage,   
Double 9 Kg Gas Cage,
Single 19 Kg Gas Cage,   
Double 19 Kg Gas Cage,   
Single 48 Kg Gas Cage,   
Double 48 Kg Gas Cage,   
Certificates of Compliance.   
Per South African LP Gas laws your gas installation needs to be certified by a gas installer licensed by LPGSASA. There are specific rules against which your installation must be assessed.
Contact us for prices This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The cost of certification is as follows:
Callout and Assessment contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If its compliant, we issue a certificate at an additional cost.
Once we certify a job, the person who signs the Certificate is then the person responsible for the full installation.

What if you smell gas?
•    Immediately extinguish all flames and smoke material.
•    Turn off main gas supply at the LPG cylinder.
•    Open all windows and doors to ventilate the area.
•    Do not operate lights, appliances, telephones or cell phones.
•    Leave the area and contact a licensed LPG installer immediately to check installation

According to SANS, the regulations state where a cylinder can or can't be placed and how an installation may be completed.
1.    CYLINDER(s) can not be placed closer than 1m to a door.
2.    CYLINDER(s) can not be placed closer than 2m to an open drain or depression, where the gas can gather if the cylinder leaks.
3.    CYLINDER(s) can not be placed closer than 5m to an electrical switch, motor, generator, pool pump etc.
4.    CYLINDER(s) can not be placed closer than 1m to the side of a window.
5.    CYLINDER(s) can not be placed closer than 1m to a boundary wall, unless the wall is a double brick "firewall" > 1.8m tall, with no ventilation gaps in the wall.